bankruptsyWhen financial struggles have become unmanageable, the people of New York have turned to Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C. for help from experienced and dedicated bankruptcy attorneys. We understand the difficulties that come with trying to keep your head above water. Between mortgages, insurance, automobile payments, credit card debt and education expenses, many families are struggling to meet their monthly obligations. Any event – a sudden job loss, an economic downturn, an unexpected illness or an unfortunate accident – can place the ability to make those payments out of reach. The bankruptcy lawyers at Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C. can assure that you do not have to face these difficulties alone.

We, at Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C., help individuals and businesses obtain debt relief and a chance to begin again with a clean slate and a clear conscience. No two bankruptcy situations are the same, and the attorneys at Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C. work to provide an individualized solution for each and every client. There are three main types of bankruptcy cases, and we will help you choose the option that is best for you and your business or family:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will clear you of all bills, within certain limits. It also generally allows you to keep your car and avoid foreclosure as long as you keep current with the arranged payments.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best suited for people who are trying to keep their house but have fallen behind on mortgage payments, child support or back taxes. Most Chapter 13 cases can be filed with a small down payment plus certain costs.


Chapter 11 bankruptcy is intended for businesses seeking to continue operations while restructuring debts. Law Offices of Anatta Levinsky, P.C. has extensive experience in these cases – experience that can put the business in a stronger position with creditors. If your business has tax problems with the state or the I.R.S., we can negotiate a tax settlement and payment plan.
Our law firm is dedicated to helping the people of New York in financial crisis. Whether we are fighting for you in court or representing you at the negotiating table, our attorneys will work to help you achieve your financial and personal goals. We have helped many families and businesses move forward with a fresh start.

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